Life In A Light

Life In A Light long poem

Uploaded by Viswas Menon

When benevolent
rain God
showered his
furious benevolence …
life in a light
flickered and
died a
sudden death!!!

When scorched
Earthlings pinned,
and got an ass and
a frog married
to sate
the rain God..
He poured
his heart out
and showered
and showered
and showered
cats and dogs !!!

Porous Earth
soggy like
the insides of
a slithering whore’s
in a wet orgasmic
and slid…

scam ridden roads
caved in

Blushing virgin streams
embraced the holy rivers
in an erotic passion
flooding homes…
a helpless Goddess
is drowned alive
…her body washed
gets buried
on the river bank
in a pile of
plastic waste
as a testimony
of an yet another unfulfilled
of a Nation’s leader
with a twisted focus
and blurred vision!!!

The Rain God
strums melodies
from His dream
driven mind
over falling walls …
tide of life
crosses over
beyond boundaries
..jumping over
tumbled boulders..
marooned bridges
fallen trees that
refused to
sway with the wind!!

A tiny palm protrudes
out of masonry rumbles..
The gnarled fingers
of an Earth Mover
the mortal remains
of a girl child
rescued from a
sex determination clinic

Multi religious Gods
in heaven
watch in dismay
as devotes
for broth
cooked in the
community kitchen
in a disaster relief camp
and wonders
…not where
they went wrong….
when they went wrong!!!

Ram, Rahim , Rosario
Radha, Rabina, Ruby
look out the window
of the nursery school
and recite in gay abandon
“rain rain, go away
little Johnny wants to play”

Rain God laughs
hysterically …chides…
roars and admonishes …
“Go play Angry Birds or Candy Crush
on your Galaxy 4….
let me play my rain games !!!

The starved belly
of an Uninterrupted Power Supply pack
beeps and wails
as the Life in Light
flickers and dies …

…the poet in me
by the glow of a
solar lamp
to pen these lines
on a sleepless
rainy night!!!

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8 Comments on "Life In A Light"

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Savi Mani

Oh what can I say, my words fail me to comment on this wonderful poem, the wonderful words woven to create a masterpiece……..the subject matter being rain but the diversity of thought from one to another and yet inter-linked, the pain the sadness is very much there…….i would like to say again “my words fail me to comment”……….the last few lines were the punch lines “…the poet in me toils
by the glow of a solar lamp
to pen these lines
on a sleepless
rainy night!!!”
inspite of the adversities of life, the heart of the poet is always alive and most of the great poems of this world have been written under such circumstances………thank you Viswas Menon ji for sharing your thought……..congrats on a thought provoking poem

Ayndrilla Ghosh

The pictures you draw with your words are amazing!

ammu sachariah

I appreciate your talent of writing. No words to say more than that.

Geetha Paniker

Beautiful is all I can say here!


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