Why So?

Why So? short poem

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Why is that we are told to sit
in a class room with a pencil kit
to draw all the nature’s boon
inside a grilled room
why is it so we are asked to sing
about the prince who gave princess a ring
but we are just told to learn the song
not to enjoy and dance along
why is it that we have to have fair skin
to get married far better than our kin
instead being smart and confident
why to have big eyes
just to make people melt like ice
with knowledge we can have glimmering eyes
that can break people into surprise
we are as special as the other person
the only thing is we find reason
to hide behind and stay there
but the world is waiting here
for you to step in
to see what are you good in
be confident
say I love you in mirror’s front
feel special and be special
let the world see beyond what is facial
let your light flow
let people get a blow
say I am beautiful
feel you are beautiful
be the heart of everyone
be ahead than everyone
let the world know you are someone
who is alive in this big fat world

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My name is Ambuja Parameshwary ,I am a in home science ,human development as major in BMN college of home science in Matunga, Mumbai
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Drawing attention to true inner beauty rather than superfluous markers of self worth.


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