For Ever

For Ever short poem

Uploaded by Prajvi Mandhani

As he slowly floated to the sky
The stars spelled out his name
His heart, his soul all were loved
But now burned with a wicked flame

His hand slipped away from mine
The curved, crocked and the most looked on curve turned straight
Wasn’t forever everlasting
Or had I lived it, had I lived forever

He was old and wrinkled
Lying on the white pale bed
With medicines piled up in stacks
All the voices in my head
Whispered all, death

The dark sky was one bad omen
His tears were another
One splashed on his medical file
Another splashed on my heart
“I am sick” were the only three words I heard that night

Candles, all lit up on our tiny little table
Roses, wine and cake in the middle
On the cake was 90, written with chocolate and love
We kissed, we laughed
And we celebrated our forever

He said I was ready to be a father
And I believed him
And let hold his daughters tiny hands
And hear her first cry
I trusted him and he never let me down

White gowns, suit and ties
Aisles, flowers and tears of happiness
In my mind I was ready
And in my heart I was too
So I said it without a glimpse of hesitation
I do.

I wore my best dress, as he said it will be special
Fancy restaurant, no guests, just me and him
He then bend down on his knees and asked
Will you be my forever and always
I kissed him as he slipped the ring on my finger
Was this it? Was this the start of my forever?

He walked up to me and said, hi!
Who knew this would be the start of my forever

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Prajvi Mandhani

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Hello! I am a 12 year old girl and an aspiring poet ! I am a fangirl and in love with Harry Potter , Percy Jackson and Hunger Games !! I am young so my poems might not be well polished but i just write my feeling on a piece of paper because i love doing it ! Hope you like my thoughts written through my poems!!
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Anne Jauhari

@Prajvi Mandhani
wow! i was so confused at first.. but when i did understand it….. i loved it. nice poem Prajvi!


Prajvi. As I proceeded into this poem, I wasn’t sure that I would finished, because the clarity was not there. But I persisted, and I’m glad I did, because I found a rare uniqueness about “Forever. From the ending to the beginning, the love was dear and strong. Thank you. Curtis.


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