Finally Alone

Finally Alone short poem

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Self-love is the path to enlightenment, they say.
A needle in the arm, a line snorted will never compare with a kiss on the cheek.
A shot down the gullet or vapors inhaled will pale to a long lingering hug.
I love you, I need you;
The last addiction, the greatest of them all.
She held her finger over my happy button,
Pressed it at her whim with little effort.
And I smiled and I swooned;
My member swollen without a touch,
My heart beating like the hoof-drops of a galloping steed.
She was my mirror, twisted and curved like in a fun-house;
She made me beautiful.
All this, all that, what did it mean when one day,
“I don’t want to hug. It makes me uncomfortable.”
Where is my joy, where is my beautiful reflection?
Disaster! A holocaust of the heart.
“I had a few drinks and ended up in his hotel room.”
“Tonight I will meet my Latin lover.”
Another dagger, another conflagration.
It burns, it burns away the addiction,
Unveils my soul.
“And the Master, your God, will circumcise your heart…to love the Master, your God, with all your heart and all your soul — so that you may live.” (Duet. 30:6)
“Therefore, circumcise the foreskin of your heart, and be no longer stubborn.” (Duet. 10:16)
My naked heart bleeds – so that I may live.
It will heal.
I will bear the scar of torment and rejoice in the freedom it bore.
This is me; ugly and beautiful; all me.
I am alone.
Finally alone.
Happy and alone.
Thy will be done.

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