Mirrors ode

Photo by dipfan

Confined to these walls
guardians surrounding my transparent figure
created to serve you
I am the eye that is not part of you
you come to me blind, uncertain,
seeking to know beauty, ugly
but my sight surpasses that
for I was created not just to show how you
look but to show who you are

I show you that inner self you cannot see
I deny you that whom you claim to be
and show you that which you hide under the
I reveal that man that claims to work for the
but points a gun at the innocent,
that man who preaches justice for the
but shows no mercy to the depressed,
sister who exchanges her body with the
but acts like a saint in the service of

I reveal that brother that sings in the choir
on sunday morning
but gets drowned in liquor on saturday
that man that acts as a giver
but is really a taker,
that man that claims to be in heaven
but dines in hell,
I reveal that family that claims
to be perfect in front of the camera
but can’t see eye to eye behind closed doors

Though my talents are underestimated
my aims are miscalculated
and my actions are unappreciated
I will never forget my duty
to show you your true self.

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