Unspoken And Unseen

Unspoken And Unseen short poem

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Some words are unspoken
Some words are unseen
We leave them all in a moment
And never turn around to see

Time and tide wait for none
But my dear the exception is one
Wait for a second and stand for a while
And cherish the lovely flowers of wild

Stand still and wait for a while
And Search it all in the lost file
Listen to the voices unheard
And forget the rules adhered
Realize the beauty the beauty you never saw
And pass it as if it was raw
Don’t worry of the town
You never know when they all are gone

Cause they never saw the unseen
And lived all mean
Never spoke the unspoken
Led the life of a broke
Never heard the voices of unheard
But all their men are referred

To the book of nature,
The wisdom it spoke,
The beauty it saw,
They will never see.
So stand for a while
And wait with me
To listen to the voices unheard,
To see the beauty unseen
And see the beauty unseen

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devanshi GUPTA

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GONE IS THE FANGIRL GONE IS MY CRAZE I hope I dwell beautifully in this soul of pureness and achieve my dream. Hi!Everyone I am a 16 yearold teenager filled with endless of dreams and passion to achieve them with burden of upcoming responsibilities here I am writing with my sword .......filling my infinites to a poem Hoping people will still love what i write.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Nice description of life and its reality of pain and us not stopping, not experiencing, not sharing, turning it into a thing of beauty.

Ayndrilla Ghosh

A very important message for a the current superficial generation written down in beautiful words.


your thoughts are beyond our imaginations ….meri choti si gudiya….

Prajvi Mandhani

the unseen sadness behind ‘im okay’ and the unseen beauty !
wow devanshi ! its amazing !!


thnku dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Nice poem written in depth of the soul

Savi Mani

dear @devanshi_gupta what a beauty of a poem, it touched my heart it went deeper to touch my soul, hard to believe you are just a young kid…..the way you show maturity of your thought……….amazing dear……….miles to go indeed…….one day you will be a renowned poet no doubt about that……

Anne Jauhari

good poem, Devanshi! there are so many people who never saw the unseen and lived all mean… I really mean i loved this?

Anil Tomar

Very nice heart touching poem

Anne Jauhari

Cherish the wind on a rooftop, the stars above our heads, the sunset…



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