The Dawn

The dusk of that evening;
The tears that were rolling;
The darkest night of the decade;
Still clear in my eyes and can never fade.

I am sad for the destiny tumbling upon me;
I will fight with God for deciding this for me.
We were never wrong;
It’s You(God) who doing a fraud proved us wrong.

We have to accept the fact;
We have to break the pact.
We fought with each other;
Gave more pain to each other.

Finally realized that there is nothing we can get out of it;
We have to walk alone and admit it.
We have to forget that evening;
We have to kill those feelings.

Let’s set that evening forever;
For the Dawn to come over;
Which deserves to come over;
On the evening which is nothing but a bitter truth forever.

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Lakhan Mal

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I am a an MBA graduate working at Deloitte. I am a finance guy. However, poems have been my passion, this is what i fell. I can write a poem on any given emotion. I can write a poem on any given person.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

The pain, is in the mind and the sunrise as a symbol of new life is also ours to live, transcending pain.


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