Mountain Joy

Mountain Joy short poem

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Mountain road a staircase to the sky
As the early morning mist tries to fly
Like a maiden lazily awakens to the morning sun
Amid dancing fluffy clouds looking for fun

Mountain breeze that strangely never tires
Whistling nonchalantly through trees and briars
Boughs creak happily and leaves rustle
A mountain song like no other

Mountain stream so cool and clear
I see two moons, is it the beer?
One above, the other a reflection, no fear
Two moons since yesteryear

Mountain flowers wild and so serene
Snowbells, edelweiss and wintergreen
Dewdrops still gingerly clinging
Snatches of sunlight set them twinkling

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kwai chee low

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From young, I have a love for the English Language and have been a voracious reader of novels, getting my fill from the British Council and later at the U.S.I.S. Clearly the writing style of UK and American authors is different.It is only about three years ago that I ventured into the world of poetry, and starting to pen my own poems. I find it gratifying and fulfilling to have an opportunity to put my thoughts, feelings and emotions into poems and haiku.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Indeed joyous reading, beauty scenery, even more beautifully described.

Randall Smith

I can see where you are going with this but you do not have to rhyme all the time to tell your story.


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