Oh Sweetheart!

Oh! sweetheart
I heard that you are dating someone
Even though you said that I am the only one
I heard that you both are spending lots of time together
But, for me you had time NEVER
Is she your roommate ?
Remember? You ever called me your soul mate
You love her ?
That’s okay. I know, after sometime you will regret her.
Maybe, she is good in everything
I am also good in spoiling NOTHING
Her presence makes you complete
I wish you knew that your absence makes me incomplete
Not to write anything further
I wish you both a bright future
CONGRATULATIONS! to you both from the core of my heart
Wait! Sorry. That isn’t possible because its a broken heart .

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12 Comments on "Oh Sweetheart!"

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ammu sachariah

well written Anila. I enjoyed it.


Emotions expressed well. Thank you

Nadeem Qazilbash

So much pain in these words, If he left. He never was, because the one who ‘is’ never leaves.

Savi Mani

wonderful poem from a heart full of love for her love……love gives immense happiness yet love can be so painful that the scar gets itched on heart forever………yet as @nadeemq said, he was not the one because he would never have left then………wonderful poem from a young heart…….there is always life beyond the stars dear……

Lakhan Mal

“CONGRATULATIONS! to you both from the core of my heart
Wait! Sorry. That isn’t possible because its a broken heart .”

The best lines in the poem. You really cannot wish them from the core of you heart as it is broken.

asoke kumar mitra

wonderful write………..enjoyed

Shivam Garg

beautiful poem!
Its the human nature, not to appreciate the one’s who care for us.


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