Eyes Full Of Lies

Eyes Full Of Lies short poem

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By the gardens I met you,
In your eyes I saw the feelings I thought were true.
Handled me with care like a feather,
Told me we would stay like this forever.
Was it wrong wanting to see you everyday,
‘Jus like a saw you’ on the first day.
Was it wrong waiting for your reply,
Even though you ignored me and the nights I cry.
Was it all fake,
When you never wanted to see me drop a tear.
The phone call of another girl,
Landed me in a tornado having the fastest swirl.
Telling me that now she was your love,
Got me to my knees, stuck unable to move like a strangled cow.
Did I deserve this,
When all I did was prayed for your happiness.
Did I deserve this,
When all I did is what you had asked me to do.
Did I deserve this,
When all I did was give you my time. Wanting answers or reasons,
Did that girl just suite the season?
Or god teaching me a harsh lesson?
You broke not only my heart but the soul,
Making a sound louder than the volcano burst in Seoul.
Thinking of you day and night,
Only memories remain now and you are out of sight.

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2 Comments on "Eyes Full Of Lies"

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Editorial Board

@ritu_rk, it’s often said that the soul is mirrored by the eyes. You might have not looked hard enough to detect the deception. Just kidding. You have your nice poem made up of couplets which lent to it the musicality found in rhymes. And the sentiment is rather sad. There is the lament of a loving heart questioning the justice in the acts of the estranged lover. Expressive and filled with emotions.

Nadeem Qazilbash

Makes you feel for her, her pain, anguish sorrow dripping from every word.


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