The Dream

The Dream short poem

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The clock stuck 3:00AM;
My cellphone alarm said, “Sleep Lakhan”
I switched off the lights and turned the fan on;
Went to sleep, as it was almost dawn.

Dream started:

I was sitting in a coffee shop working on my laptop;
I saw a lady walking in wearing a green saree and a black top.
She was wearing a mangalsutra around her neck;
And sindoor at the beginning of the parting-line of her hair.
She also had rings in the second toes of her feet.
She was with her husband; yes I meant to say that she is married.

I was happy to see her;
More happy to see in this attire.
I want to talk to her;
But didn’t talk as her man was near.
She sat on a chair facing her back towards me;
Her husband sat in front facing me.

She ordered a Mocha Chillo.
He ordered a Cappuccino;
He held her arms and they said something to each other;
Which I couldn’t hear.

I was getting restless sitting behind;
Without disturbing her, I want to say to her that I am behind.
Various thoughts came into my mind;
Disapproved everything as the word “Zhand” came to my mind.

After few minutes there rings her husband’s cellphone;
He went out to answer the phone.
That was the time I was waiting for;
So that I can tell her I am here.
Picked up the phone and messaged her, “Do you want to see me?”
She looked at the phone and was stunned to see a message from me.
She replied, “How come you know that I am in Hyderabad?”
I again messaged her, “Do you want to see me, just tell me that?”
After thinking for a few seconds, she kept her cellphone on the table.
Picked it again, and replied with a “smile label”.
I messaged her, “Just turn around!!!”
As soon as she saw that message, she started looking around.

Our eyes met;
She controlled herself from jumping to her feet.
She looked out towards her husband;
He was looking at her from the other end.
She smiled from the bottom of her heart looking at me;
She also couldn’t stop her tears rolling down after seeing me.
I waived her a smile.
And In gestures told her, not to cry and just give me a big smile.
To make her happy, told her in gestures that she was looking pretty;
And her husband is damn cool buddy.
She wiped her tears and blinked her eyes.
Told me in gestures that I am looking wise.
Her husband’s call ended;
And our eyes separated.

I called for the check and left the place after sometime;
As I know, till the time I am there, she will not be able to give herself to her valentine.
I walked towards the exit door;
Without looking at her.
Sat in my car;
And made a move towards my ghar.
I was crying aloud while driving all the way back home;
Realized that I am actually crying aloud in my bed all alone.

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Lakhan Mal

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I am a an MBA graduate working at Deloitte. I am a finance guy. However, poems have been my passion, this is what i fell. I can write a poem on any given emotion. I can write a poem on any given person.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Well written, feels real, as if it actually happened to the reader.

ammu sachariah

a very beautiful dream.



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