My Wish Tonight

My Wish Tonight short poem

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I wish to be loved by a man
Like never ever he loved any
Like that before
The tender touch should
Shake my life and soul within
And happily I should ensconce myself
Within himself
His love must be that intense
When I look at him, his eye
Should perforate mine
My heart should pound and infinitely
Pound and long for him always
My love for him, like I cannot
Suffer the wistfulness when apart
Each minute of journey with my man
Should be like never happened the day before…

Tonight let me wish for my man
I never wished for
Tonight let me love my man
Like I never loved before…..

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4 Comments on "My Wish Tonight"

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Savi Mani

wow what a wonderful love filled poem dear Laya, isnt that each and every human heart longs for??? a dream love and a dream loving partner…………those who get such a love are indeed fortunate and those who yearn for it all there life are the ones who suffer most………….
you know you love him when u find yourself melting under his gaze and you can hear your own heart beat……….wonderful poem dear so romantic…………a dream love……….

ammu sachariah

Laya, wonderful and so romantic. if you wish like this, how can your man deny you.


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