Dang, Thy Gossip

Their gossip is a debauched addiction,
Aided by an imagination, so absurd…
The borders amid actuality and fiction;
Whizzes away, swift as an agile bird!

They are uncaring for infliction caused,
Or for the aftermath of tears and turmoil…
For crowds have now, suddenly paused!!
Their dull life has now excitement to boil.

No regret for the chaos of the life they eye,
For they earnestly believe their allegory,
And hence their theories shall never die,
The belief of all, a much desired victory!

But then they forget the all knowing entity..
Aware of all that needs to be decreed in deeds,
Shy perhaps then, might be their soul’s gist
When sprite justice decides to visit their way.

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Swathi Rao

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A few words strung together on inspiration, or a few thoughts penned down for clarity. A hobby that has consistently matched to represent the inspirations in me. Most often, they are from incidents and trends happening around the world, books or articles that I may parse through, or some noble cause that had greatly impressed me. I have been writing poems, and short stories, since I had been 6 years. Music and poetry walk hand in hand; good music, good poetry shall always stay my favorite pastime.
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Kenneth Miller

yea! speak out against gossip
this is a powerful theme
“sprite justice” – is there such a thing?
ahhh…. what if there is no justice

lots of feelings about gossip. great theme. thank you for sharing


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