Bright Side

Bright Side short poem

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Bemoan the fate as you will
the emptiness would still eat you away
futility of existence and facade of importance
the glitter of attention and tears of oblivion
loath of loneliness and fear of attention
no one can feel you, no one can understand
people would claim they do
but don’t you pretend otherwise

An emotional mess, a tangled self
the inner calm when you embrace the death
to be part of someone’s final journey
to bathe them and dress them
and then offer them to fire
the calm you saw on the face
the lifeless body of an illustrious man
some mourn, some pay respect
all move on, life is death

Nothing is static, not even misery
a lot is gained and all is lost
the material you possess
the dress you like
the expensive gold watch
and that beautiful sapphire
your favourite son, your beloved daughter
your loving wife and all your lovers
strings holding you down
strings waiting to be snapped

look at the bright side though,
there is none

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Nothing enthralls me anymore, Nothing surprises me anymore, I know not the depth of my own soul, nothing allures me anymore..............
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Nadeem Qazilbash

Funeral speech, we are gathered here to celebrate the life of… instead of, we are here to mourn the death of….


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