Beach Therapy

Beach Therapy short poem

By the sea side
On the beach
With feet immersed in sand
And washed now and then
by the waves
I stood watching
the varying hues
In the western sky.

Amidst all the squeals of laughter,
fun and chaos,
there were also seen
some faces with lost looks,
With small and big
thought bubbles over their head
Which I tried to read.
Some confessed their sins
Some shared their worries
Some whispered prayers,
Sought comfort and peace
Some surrendered
Some sought words for poetry
Some waited
with a pounding heart,
For a beloved who had failed
to keep their promise to meet.

The sea scrolled the sand
with loud and harsh waves
And sometimes
gentle and silent ones
As if replying to each mind
that stood there waiting
to be cajoled, calmed, flattered or inspired…
As the sun, the key witness,
to all those unsaid bubbling thoughts
took its final dip
into the vast sea
beyond the wide horizon
Signifying the closure
of yet another day.

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Good. Cadence. With wide sweep of imagination everything on the beach is drawn vividly to connote something deeper !


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