So Tell Me, Which Is For Real?

So Tell Me, Which Is For Real? prose poem

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This must be for real? gasped the yellow budded calyx
That must be true. Answered the wasp. Time for me to lapse into another – those petals.
But which of you is for real? Questioned the bud again.
Said the flying wasp as it drooped into a glum face, it’s me!
Can’t you see? It’s time for me to shut low as the moon shifts and time moves into another blanket when I must close with the breeze.
Oh!, so that’s for real?! exclaimed the yellow budded calyx who stood shiny, straight and watched from his plastic pistils.
And with that an ant crawled up his slender straight back, nibbled at his stalk and with disgust exclaimed, ‘What! No taste!’

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I sometimes use the pen name mina.laksh. I live between Mumbai and Nigeria and writing is a passion I can't seem to let go! Some short stories and poems have been published in literary magazines and some on line. A few: • Circle of Poets USA. (Edition 2004) ‘The howling wind’. • Literary Magazine, LEAVES (Bangalore base) first issue 2004, ‘Midnight dreams with dragon fly' • Cyberwit's international journal, (first edition 2004) anthology of International contemporary literature ‘It’s not happening’ • (mina laksh) (A literary magazine based in Canada) • the firstcut #2 & #3 (A literary magazine from Ireland) Have been an art curator promoting up and coming contemporary artists and until recently was a teacher in an I.B school in Nigeria. Jazz and opera are my boosters when I write. Just have to listen to music and hey I'm a "Pucca Bombay walli"
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Nadeem Qazilbash

What an enigma, let them keep guessing meanwhile, lets just decide to believe.


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