The Dangerous Paradise

The Dangerous Paradise long poem

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A mythical apocalypse about life in Hell
This is the crux of the matter,
That the sinners will carry the cross of the master.
Though it’s wonderful in hell,
What has happened to Hell?
is it a relaxable place?
To be eaten breads unleaven?
How I think of a paradise in Hell,
With so many streams and brooks
To be smiling, having a blissful time in hell.
A crazy life we live, die and resurrect in hell.
I give my account – a long story to tell.
A snare I felt that leads me to hell.
I walk on the ridges of the bridge,
That leads me from heaven to hell.
Humans and demons are to keep a tryst.
But, pastor says our sins are forgiven by Jesus Christ.
Would it be possible to buy my way to heaven?
This reminds me of times,
When friends, relatives and neighbours come to this great beyond.
My steps slow, feet I keep drag on.
I see flames of blames flaming inside like dragons
I look down and see a festivity of flames burning in the paradise of hell.
Seven whores at a golden gate,
The strumpets blow up their trumpets.
Dancing to no rhythm, but to which that comes with the flames.
The dancers dance, damn to condemn at the gate..
Keep staring, makes me love what to hate.
Open wide with hands clawing and touching, nails scratching and caressing,
Sounds laughing, footsteps walking,
Thunders rumbling, Storms Lightning and lights flashing,
Hades laughing, babies crawling and crying.
Adam’s offsprings mourning, murmuring, mumbling, grumbling
And crying with the mighty wail of Eve when
Abel was on the journey of her labour to a vile villa called life.
I keep moving on, into the ocean of flames.
Flames slashing on my nude shirt.
Crackles that echo like the burning bush of Moses.
The sun has been raining.
The devil dances for he has been reigning.
With the horns, the most beautiful demons campaigning.
Goblins slowly eat up souls like vultures.
For souls to be wailing in anguish, that is the culture.
Red stars falling, Volcanoes erupting
Blasting sulfur, that relieve me with pain.
What I see here is not a drought of acid rain.
I think I would be roasted and die in vain.
A loud silence caves me into the darkness.
Scary with fright to go into the blackness.
It touches my deceased body
When a brute incumbus rides a sexy sucubus.
I keep stepping, Sobbing, sniffing,
Satan keeps hustling, and the demons still dreaming.
On sight, I see hands of sextillion souls upon souls
Hands up above their heads, wailing..
Goblins with smileys smiling,
Titanic titans falling into a tartarean tartarus.
Scrolls and scripts of scriptures are to be read,
Manuscripts of satanic agendas.
Yar’adua thirst for water reminds me of the seven points agenda.
Humans become zombies floating.
Woebegone I feel when the zombies
With the juice of blood stains from their lips down to their chins.
Strolling, hovering around me with hands on chains.
Dripping blood keep on.
Crosses are gathered for sinners to carry on.
Everyone has to bears his cross.
Throughout the blackness the Devil
Checks on his reflection with a black mirror.
Their cries echo for a dawn to come like a thief.
They thirst for a river to flow into their mouth,
But their tongues are cool with fire.
Even in anguish, they never get tired.
The devil takes his breakfast.
With the demons they celebrate the bread and the wine..
Hell, the amnesty for the peccadillos of the rebels.
The archfiend flies to me like Gabriel.
Commands me with the voice of Cain when he lied to Abel.
Lucifugous and luciferously luciform was Lucifer.
Death plans encoded in a diabolic cipher.
Sinners abandon in Abaddon and become lifers.
Lucifer evolves into Apollyon.
The devil incinerated Napoleon.
Bodies burn, reddish like Mongolian.
To God, the devil throws tantrum.
The Abyss is now full of patrons.
Monsters I see among stars,
Human race keep burning without scars.
Michael and Satan in a combat contesting.
Lucifer becomes pontifex maximus like Constantine
Hades stands like a baby with red eyes.
How I see Kings and queens wail for relief.
Everyone becomes equal,
Everybody is one in a cruel dynasty
They cry and hope everyday for Godly amnesty.
Hell is the fruit of dishonesty.
And God in heaven with all glory and majesty.
The light of darkness reminds me of the Earthly days.
around the universal penitentiary with so much equality and freedom I walk.
Tirelessly I walk till a dawn came like a friend.
So I arise like the sun from a terrible night time.

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Teitei Stanley

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I am Teitei Stanley. I was born into the undeveloped bushy-watery part of Nigeria, to speak the most interesting and self-expressive language called Ijaw (Izon).As i grow I learn to earn knowledge and understanding from all reliable source - from the Bible, from my parents, teachers and some of those who decide to correct me when I am wrong.I love music as a teen, and preoccupied so much of my time listening to a great many genre of music.. I have so many vaulted thoughts which I would divulge in poetry. I just follow no rule in my writing, because I believe we are all poets born to speak our mind in whichever way comprehensible. I think the way I write would set a standard for future generation. So, I freestyle the way I write my poems to gain no coin, but to at least gain AP points.
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A night unleashes dangerous hellish nightmares! Some really amazing writing there!

ammu sachariah

a beautiful read.



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