The Wailing Poor


This anguished scene would touch anyone’s heart,
Poverty is a menace where everything ends before a start.
Every Saturday morning, I could hear their cries,
Observing their plight, a little help that everybody tries.

It’s an instance of a wailing mother and her daughter,
No shelter, just a temporary tent where nothing gets better .
Notice them-they beat each other, I always wonder,
What’s wrong with them, a big question to ponder.

A vegetable seller nearby gives them something to eat,
While the big house’s guard brings water to their seat.
Too cursed, unfortunate souls, but poor mother strives
Darkness and ignorance is what predominates their lives

Screaming, beating, thrashing, moaning of all sorts
Can someone study their story by trying all shots
They are lunatic and creepy but wanted a grin on their faces
Because I pray to Lord to exterminate all poverty cases.

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A heart-rending account of the daily travails of the poor….moving!


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