The Raven In The Box

The Raven In The Box elegy

Photo by Only Sequel

Scared, timid, silent, sound it had no more,
Rough and dead, its breath seem to fade,
Flesh darkened, ripped apart from the soul,
Cover the portions of my love,
The Raven pleaded for its dying soul.

I use to hear it sing in the Sun,
Under my porch it sat, glad ‘twas to sing until the sunset,
Eager I waited each day to listen to its tune,
My heart ached that day when I was sitting all alone,
That silent afternoon!

That abnormal silence crept and swept my porch,
I saw no Raven, nor no music and trill,
Cold numbness laid with me, within me in despair,
That afternoon seemed endless, with spear in its hand,
No word, no sound was in the air.

The Raven’s sound settled deep, deep in my pores,
When I oozed tears, and gave the last con amore,
I boxed the Raven deep within,
For eyes to see, nor for ears to hear no more,
The Raven once trill and melodies breathe no more!

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Rebecca Alick

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I'm a constant learner, love watching birds, can spend hours appreciating nature and write canto to describe its amateur photographer and a writer, but still love to sprinkle on the white pages with my thoughts, writing is a catharsis for me.
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Editorial Board

@rebecca_alick, a worthy recognition of the value birds play in our lives. It is nature’s complement to the ambiance of a pleasant afternoon to have birds fill the air with music as flowers fill it with sweet scents. The missing note is indeed a loss to the cacophony of sounds heard on the fateful afternoon when no longer heard. If it be the only tune so far, the result would be silence. Edgar Allan Poe made use of the raven on a different aspect.

Nadeem Qazilbash

Memories of that sweet soulful melody embedded deep inside her heart and soul.


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