It Hurts

It Hurts short poem

Photo by Nono Fara 

It is time without weariness
you can just cross the threshold:
they say it doesn’t hurt.
I think it hurts terribly to depart
from this half-dream !

A dark cloud drifts by–
then happy sunshine comes
my love forgets.

A desire, hunger, I let off
in this sunshine to roam
in the air.

Remember in an idle day,
I will be there in a gust of wind.
Thousand years hence,
I will be there in the torn
line of a song you will listen to.
I will be there, my dear in
the fading light of the day.

I will tiptoe down on your dream.
A mad wind will howl around you,
you will be too close to the soul of the night.

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I am interested in literature, music and philosophy. Actually i am bent on keeping myself updated on all sorts subjects so that I can put my fingers on the pulsating life.I like to talk with like-minded . life is too short and too long. I am now a writer-completed and working on several literary works and a fiction.
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Enjoyed reading your poem! Keep writing!

asoke kumar mitra

heart wrenching write. very nice imagery.

John Prophet

Very nice, could feel the hurt in your heart and in your lines…


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