A Forever Love

A Forever Love long poem

I’ve taken my Time
To put my Heart on the Line,
These few words of mine
Is a Testament of our Love Divine

Only a few days had passed
Since we first met
A date to the church
We were truly blessed

That night we drove out
Scoping for a place to make out
With the seats pushed back and the lights out
This was the first time we made out

That sudden burst of passion
An uncontrollable act of attraction
Was it Love that was in action
Or just a second hand emotion

As the night grew dark and time decided to fly
It dawned on us, we had to say goodbye
I didn’t know for sure if there was a spark
But while parting, it felt like I broke a heart

Every night since then
We met, again and again
And it didn’t take us long
To realise that together we belong

Messaging and Chatting
Calling and Skype-ing
Our feelings unhidden
Both of us were smitten

Movies, Dinners and Shopping
Sometimes just hanging
Love Songs and Dedications
Mostly making out sessions

You started coming home
Spending time with me alone
The nights began to end faster
With you in my bed the morning after

Soon our Love was put to the test
Arguments,fights and all the rest
It suddenly felt like we moved too fast
This self-proclaimed Love, I doubt could last

To my surprise and even yours
Not a day went by and we were both in tears
We knew what we have was hard to come by
This was our time to accept or time to deny

It has been said
True Love can beat all odds
For us this was just the start
We had to be careful with our hearts

Now the hours go by
And so do the days
Every minute of my life
I yearn for your embrace

You know my strengths, my weaknesses
You’ve seen my ego and my pride
You’ve also witnessed my forgiveness
My willingness to apologise

I will be your strength, your support
I will be your guiding force
Faith, Honesty, Love and Trust
Patience and Understanding in me entrust

We have made a promise now
A promise to be together
Never to forsake each other
To be in Love Forever

These few lines my dear
Can’t make it very clear
It’s just a small page which cannot encompass
The magnitude that my Love can surpass

Read this then, when in doubt
Of my Love or If we fall out
Hope this gives you a reason thereafter
To stay in Love with me Forever after.

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8 Comments on "A Forever Love"

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Editorial Board

A Love story so poignant captured in a few words and the emotions and honesty shine through – you are truly a spontaneously gifted writer

Fernandes Josephine

Its awesom Savio…what words, thoughts, and actions can actually be visualised…where has all this come from…its beautiful.

Savi Mani

Awesome poem, rather a short story of the Love forever, yes true love can indeed stand against all odds, wonderful poem and most wonderful use of words….superb


I love your heart touching poems Savio. They melt my heart. You are a very talented writer and I look forward to reading more of your poems. Please continue writing and share your wonderful creations with us all. All the best for 2018.


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