Temptation- Part One
Its evening and I’ve finished my class.
I run through stairs, pass by corridors,
And brisk walk down the lane.
A dancer swaying in the peak hour trance.

I reach the station, no intention to miss the train,
All this schizophrenic punctuality, not in vain.
Run, walk, stop, look; timings on display,
Find the coach, find a seat, and rest the bum, fifteen minutes of stay.

Then…one glance towards that lady and time stops ticking.
That enchanting smell; mesmerizing, captivating,
My eyes, my mouth, my ears and all my senses unwavering.
The beauty of whiteness, covered in red and green, my lust no more can withstand,
To get, to grab, to devour….that piece of pizza in her hands.

Temptation- Part Two
I’m seated on this train, no other seat available.
This fine lady on my side, my food on my tray table.
A healthy rice and peas, topped with scrambled eggs,
Humble and unattractive, compared to her pizza, topped with mustard and mayonnaise.

My alter ego rises in rebellion, discarding this rubbish chain of thoughts.
Health and weight are real issues, not that piping pizza so hot.
So what if my food is bland, fibrous and low calorie,
It’s nothing like that pizza, seasoned with olive, oregano and rosemary.
My tongue is shameless, ready to roll out like a red carpet
For those triangles to march inside, one by one, in kingly gait.

Thank God for small mercies, my stop at last.
My uneaten dinner in box goes back into the bag intact.
I run home, ignore hubby, baby and all that,
Call up Papa Jones, commanding delivery of pizza, in thirty minutes flat.

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Nadeem Qazilbash

What poetic magic, every word an explosion of taste, touching the soul, filling that void, feeding that fire… hunger… gluttony…


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