Voices Of The Wilderness

Haunting wilderness voices filtered through early morning mist

On the shore of the meandering Tulameen River
A renegade pack of coyotes, greet the dawning of a new day in Nature’s Pantry

Ribbons of orange and gold dancing in the shifting billowy clouds on the Eastern horizon
Alpha leader inspires his high spirited pack

To sit back on their muscular haunches as witnesses to this glorious new wilderness day

Suddenly! A thunderous roll of high pitched barks and

Howls breaking the peace and wilderness solitude of a tranquil crisp fall morning

Truly a wilderness serenade
Boisterous echos of wilderness voices bouncing off of the valley’s walls

Creating a highly audible masterpiece

In pristine wilderness folk lore
Voices of the wilderness

Conquer the refreshing crispness of this mystical fall day

The multi colored fall tapestry encased in the diversity of Nature

Blending voices of the wilderness with the colorful tapestry of fall

Creating a personified masterful array

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The beauty of nature at its best encapsulated in the form of this wonderful poem!



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