Aims And Ambitions Of A Beggar

Aims And Ambitions Of A Beggar long poem

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With endless poverty gleaming in their eyes,
Dreams, desires and will to live;
Everything has faded to get fled,
In a beggar; a living dead,
A zombie on the streets.

With an affirmative urge in hesitation,
Cohesively willing to die every day;
Blamelessly in an ignorant and negligible chaos,
Like mere lies;
A non-existential truth of their pseudo lives.
Written all of it,
Whether seen or unseen;
In their lucid eyes,
Even in a newly born infant in the clan;
Tomorrow’s destiny-less unfortunate destitute child.

Like any malnutritioned naked child,
Crying a sigh to wish on every fifth traffic signal;
Carried hard by a little girl,
‘May be an elder Sister’.
Ooh..!!! That small baby beggar’s horizon lies,
In a pampering glass of lukewarm milk.
It craves and crawls for a caring handkerchief,
To wipe away his salty tears;
And clean an ever blowing nose.
Schools and colleges,
Books, bags are dreamlike luggages;
It all fancies an alien in them,
Sssshhhh..!!! Because other well being kids are,
Descendants from other princely planets for them.

Then my feet got stumbled across,
An unwashed middle aged;
But not so old woman in tattered clothes,
Sitting on her clutches in a fish market;
Surrounded by giant Human-Whales and Sharks,
Crowded with we dirty minded leering men.
With an empty bowl in her hands,
Remorsefully containing four rupees and;
Six hundred hopeful tear drops in it.
Her ambition was to buy a daily meal,
For her only sweeping Son;
Returning back to the slums after,
Slogging and snorting adhesives in the local trains.

Finally my luxuries encountered,
A long beard limbless man;
Creeping on the Railway platform,
His body skating on a slate of wheels;
Still struggling to eat yesterday’s food,
Thrown and served at his plate on wheels.
To my bewilderment,
That poor Beggar virtually signed a mutual agreement;
With a Dog and two Rats,
To finish the uneaten bread of last night.

And there I stood still and speechless,
Awestruck by his condition;
And here am stuck,
Finding myself so speechless about;
The aims and ambitions of a beggar.

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Aakash Sagar Chouhan

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Akash is an aspiring Poet/Author/Song writer and also writes content for various articles/blogs and threads posted in innumerable websites, communities and social networking groups for literary works. He is good at brainstorming and fast in writing crispy content, bold slogans, catchy captions and punchy one liner’s. Akash has already got few of write ups internationally published in an Anthology on Zombies named as, ‘Unleash the undead’ a compilation by international author Samie Sands. Currently, he looks forward to launch his first book published by 'Destined to write publications', which is a Canadian publishing/writing firm.
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The sheer helpless and sorry lives of beggars….heart-rending and emotional!


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