A So Called Rich Man’s Best Friend

A So Called Rich Man’s Best Friend long poem

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Gingerbread, Jellybean and KitKat with tiny sims,
Safely secured in everyone’s pocket like magical plastics ;
We carelessly treasure these gags,
As if we could preserve them;
For an entire life it seems.

Our helpless youth’s every moment,
Is glued to these Android handsets;
Blindfolded and hypnotized,
In a cyber-love affair.
And today’s Moms don’t need to sing,
Sweet and so difficult lullabies anymore,
To fall asleep their freshly blooming buds;
Because children’ve learnt to Crush Candies,
Along with their parents every night.

Ooh..! We all tower-less men of 2015,
Elusively thinking to be grounded and well-towered;
Struggling quiet hard for some loyal fidelity,
Are mere victims of ethereal orgasms;
Stabbed and screwed by our sexually charged weapons.
Living in an elusive World of reality,
A reality of our own;
Our any free moment freely hangs out with,
Apple and Nokia;
May be Samsung or Motorola;
Never-mind this man-made fancy dies one day,
Lies every day but;
Nevertheless it has proven to become,
A so called rich man’s best friend.

Ooh..! No not yet,
We’ve consciously realized the quintessential futility;
Of this scientifically made mortality,
Delicately packed in an immortal disguise.
Selling theft and cyber-crimes,
Blinking secrets to blackmail in a porn mind;
I wait for the day,
Bet for the new Sun;
When the new Man,
Wouldn’t even spittingly rely upon;
These latest version machinery disorders,
To traverse across borders;
Make new love,
In a new tomorrow’s land.

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Aakash Sagar Chouhan

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Akash is an aspiring Poet/Author/Song writer and also writes content for various articles/blogs and threads posted in innumerable websites, communities and social networking groups for literary works. He is good at brainstorming and fast in writing crispy content, bold slogans, catchy captions and punchy one liner’s. Akash has already got few of write ups internationally published in an Anthology on Zombies named as, ‘Unleash the undead’ a compilation by international author Samie Sands. Currently, he looks forward to launch his first book published by 'Destined to write publications', which is a Canadian publishing/writing firm.
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Indeed, technology has replaced the sweet nothings of time…Poignant!


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