Can’t Stop It Flowing

Cant Stop It Flowing short poem

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The sound of guns
may scare the birds on the trees,
but rob not their songs.

Autumn withers the leaves,
but the flowers forget not spring—
the time they should throng.

Soldiers are killed here
by the strangers of the dark mist,
but their valour stays.

The storm from the south
may shudder a village chief’s heart,
but his spirit flays.

Graves may be silent,
but they forget not evoking
poems for the loved ones.

Rains muddied their fields,
but the women forget not
their ancestors’ songs.

Hails holed the Morung’s
roof, but the old long-log drum
has not lost its sound.

Winds pluck their petals
down, but laburnum hang on
their yellow abound.

The magical hands
of mankind may pause a river,
but can’t stop it flowing.

This earth smells of blood
and dead, but seeds of life
don’t forget sprouting.
1. A Morung is an important dormitory-like social institution in a tribal village
of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh,
commonly denoting those of Nocte and Wancho tribe

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Dahey Sangno

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Dahey Sangno lives in Itanagar, India. He is a civil servant by profession and writes poems in English, mostly about his native place in his native metaphors. His poems were published in many websites, newspapers and blogs.
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Kavita Jain

very beautiful words ,nice



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