I Remember When

I Remember When ode

I reminisce Easter at our home was as important as
Mom surrounded our small apartment with the song,
“Here Comes Peter Cottontail”
I waited on the Easter Bunny as much as I did Santa
I would wake up just as I did Christmas morning
There would be an amazing assortment of rabbits,
More than one Easter basket!
Being the only child of a single Mother; I was rather spoiled.
Nothing material
Could be better than going to the Easter service with my friend and
Hopping and skipping on our way home from church
singing “He Lives” and the
old gospel songs, “Old Rugged Cross”
Touched me more than all the toys and baskets.
The Easter dresses and hats.
The simple knowing as a child Christ died for my sins
Would bring me to tears.
Adults couldn’t believe my childlike faith although
I kept reminding them how much children meant to Jesus.
Everything was coming new again, a fresh start as the daffodils
Reared their blooms headed for the sun.
The Dogwood blooms white with their blood stain ends gave
Me a much deeper meaning of Easter
A promise of a new life, a fresh start, everything blooming giving us a promise of tomorrow.
A new spring!

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Diane Howard

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I'm me. I may misspell a few words every now and then but let's not be picky you know what I'm saying....facebook doesn't have spell check. Let's face it I write and without spell check I wouldn't be able to so don't correct me when I do. I am not perfect. I am an artist of crafts, a lover of all people except those who cannot be helped. I detest women or men who don't support their children or claim the children they have given birth to and I have a good reason for this. I love school and should have been a teacher but I can always go back. I'm not in the best relationship right now but it's not something I can back out of sometimes things in life aren't easy. I accept them as best I can and go on. I have enjoyed the ones I've met along the way who have gave me a little insite on life like Truman Hill, my Uncle Grady Stovall, and all the teachers I've had except a terrible student driver teacher---so if you are like him leave me alone I've got enough to deal with living with Timmie Howard for going on 33 years. Oh, to all you southerns that hated the word I said often, you guys, I didn't get the word hey! Besides I'm not a Yankee I'm a displaced Yankee with a southern upbringing try doing that in your life.
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The joy and beauty of Easter so wonderfully expressed here!

asoke kumar mitra

beautiful write. the imagery and style of expression are very nice.


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