Grasshopper And A Snake

Grasshopper And A Snake short poem

Photo by Andy Morffew

Grasshopper basking in the warmth of the sun

Upon a rock.
Slithering through a maze of alpine wildflowers looking for a likely sized creature to capture and feast upon

saphonsifying her hunger.
After secretly searching for near a mile

Snake comes to an abrupt halt

Lifting her head and checking the surroundings in the shifting breeze

Snake notices a grasshopper staring back at her

Smiling, as if to say: “Catch me if you can!”
The chase through the alpine flora and fauna is on

The grasshopper leaps and bounds in short spurts, teasing snake
Snake rears up to one half her body length, looking around

Grasshopper! You think you’re hiding up on the top of that stalk of fire weed?

Ah! You’ve been found!

Coiling around the base of the fire weed’s base

Mrs. snake brings the plant toppling to the ground

On the leading edge of a whispering air current

Grasshopper is whisked away as the down of a thistle

To the far side of this wilderness alpine amphitheater

Leaving puzzled Mrs. snake behind

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2 Comments on "Grasshopper And A Snake"

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Hi smartjim7. I found this short poem to be engaging and interesting


The puzzling antics of a grasshopper and a snake…Wonderful to read!


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