Bottled Tears

If hope were mystical and only available for this present and earthly life,
I would think my future to be cloudy and dark, not sunny and bright
If hope were in a constant state of deferral
I think my heart would faint and not endure

A heart filled with questions and grief?
Easy cries with responses of silence?
A life of bewilderment and wonder?
A rather miserable state, is it not?

May time heal all your wounds, and never lose hope
May light break forth in your darkened tunnel
May your grief be lifted, letting you smile again
May your pain depart, and your questions be answered

May your cries of desperation be heard
May your tears be captured in a bottle
May they be preserved and never dry

May you be touched by an angel
And embraced by the Love of God

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I am a retired minister and the husband of Barbara for 42 years. We reside in Sacramento ,Ca. We have two sons and a daughter, and we are the proud grandparents of 6 children.
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Hope is one magic word for pain …Isn’t it?



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