The Throne Of Lucifer

The Throne Of Lucifer long poem

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The sunset blazes upon the vault
This afternoon dies slowly forever
The world is overfilled with weariness and fatigue
Another episode of this life’s masquerade
Comes to an end…
The curtain falls…
And beauteous Agnes Adoma
The prima donna of the opera house
A-shining in the luster of her fame
Leaves her beloved stage to the ovation
Of the spectators.
Her eyes! Her gorgeous green eyes!
They shine, like emeralds in the midday fire of heaven!
Her skin is white, like a snow of the mountain peaks
The hairs of hers are golden threads, which flow down
Like a summer waterfall
Her ruby lips, so passionate and bright
Radiate wanton love and lust, which seem to be endless
When she entered the dressing room of hers
She saw a basket of gorgeous roses
And there was a message in the bouquet
She took it gently, her heart went pitapat
And read it out loud. It said:
“O belle! Thou art insuperable!
I need you, come to me! The car is waiting underneath.”
And Agnes ran out of the theater
The night has fallen and it has covered
The towns with darkness like a shroud
The stars began to twinkle brightly
Singing the song of the Universe
And underneath stood a flamboyant car
A dog-headed gentleman approached her
And led her to this limousine
He let her in and closed the door
And led the car on a wide road
And in the twinkling of an eye
He took her to the pathos restaurant,
A den of vice, where lesbians and gays
Performed their perversions in a show
Which was, methinks, the most vulgar ever
The man brought Agnes closer to a boy
A youth, who had a purple tuxedo on
And he began to talk to her:
“I am the servant of the evil one
The prince of darkness
Who had rejected God and his creation
And thus became an outcast of Heaven
He has adopted me right after I was slain
Inside your womb.
The heavens didn’t accept me – he continued, –
For my conception
Was a result of grave fornication
And now I am standing before you,
My mentor has a plan to be accomplished
A plan of death, unhappiness and woe
Some thousands of years ago
Before the men had been exiled to the Earth
The World was populated by the demons
And it was reigned by Lucifer
Death, plague and slavery held sway over the planet
But nowadays his power’s overthrown
Nevertheless, it can be now restored
Amid the woods, where Europe and Asia meet
In that dark country of the dog-headed men
Where betrayers rule over that land
That country of the burned-out Sun
There is a throne of the evil one
It’s made of an alloy of gold and human blood
And hidden in the depths of the Earth
And if the solar rays touch its surface
Then they will be reflected, and the Earth
Will be scorched for ever
The kingdom of the evil one
Will be established unto ages of ages
And Satan will reign again
There is a group of scholars, who are
Conducting excavations at that place
Among them there is a God’s angel
Who looks just like other men
He has been sent to ruin my master’s plans
You’ll recognize him easily, indeed
He has to disentomb the throne
And break it just before the dawn
So that it’ll never meet the Sun
You are supposed to lead him to temptation
And make him thus forsake the divine plans.”
“But why? Why should I serve him
The King of vice, the cause of all troubles?”
“You have already served him, having killed me”-
The angel replied bluntly
“And now I need to go”, – he added gently
“My master’s waiting in the Underworld”.
He left the restaurant and disappeared…
A gentleman came unto her, said “follow me”,
Agnes obeyed
And she again entered the car
And it dashed off faster than a rocket
And soon they reached that wicked land
That devil’s servant left her in the woods
And flew away
Around her the pines stood like pickets
The owl screeched somewhere far away
The bats flew, scaring our Agnes
The night was reigning in this dense wood
And she began to pray, to pray sincerely:
O God, I can’t withstand all that!
She was alone, like a drop of dew in the desert

“Wherefore thou left me? Wherefore?”
The sky remained silent
And she beheld the hosts of the cursed:
Adulterers and murderers, and drunkards.
They stood with spears, swords and torches in their hands
And Devil guided them and breathed with fire
Which burned all the living souls
But lo! She noticed the light
Which came from the depths of the forest
The men, who sat around the bonfire
Were these very scholars
Explorers of the depths of our planet
They sat, discussing scientific questions
Some of them had already been asleep
As she approached them
A youth stood up and turned
His visage of shining dark-blue eyes
Radiated peace and joy, and Love
Which Agnes had never felt before
“Baruch”- the name escaped her lips
“I am”, – the youth replied quietly
“I know, who you are”, he said with assurance
“For He, who has created all the World
Knows all of us by name and by sight
In this World and in the World to come
You know me, I know you. What else to say?
And they retreated to the dense woods
Baruch began to talk to her gently:
“The Holy One has chosen me
To save the World from the death
The kingdom of the Evil one is closer day by day
Those archeologists are just
An instrument in his hands
I am concerned about you, o prodigal daughter of the Heaven
For He, the Holy One, has been waiting for you
Since the creation of the World
He sent you from His Kingdom to the Earth
So that you could endure all the sorrows
And enter His sweet groves of the Paradise.”
And then he waved with his right hand
Then Agnes saw great multitudes of Angels of the Lord
Their faces dazzled the look of human being
And they held trumpets made of silver
The music that they played was brilliant
And filled the heart with Love and hope and joy
“You have observed the two antagonistic worlds”,-
The angel continued to talk
“And it is your own right to choose
Between Good and Evil.”
And Agnes fled in greatest haste
Towards the excavation
She seized the spade and started digging violently…
She noticed a golden glitter
Which came from the depths of the Earth
The light of the smoldering bonfire
Touched its bright surface,
And the rays began to burn Agnes’s skin
She burst with fire and began to dash around, like a madwoman
The blood of hers was boiling
She fell unconscious and she laid
Until the dawn was breaking
When she awakened
She found herself in an icy wilderness
Having a tunic on
Around her chrysanthemums bloomed
They grew directly from the icy soil
And then the voice of the Almighty
Invoked to her:
“O daughter of mine! Thine sins are now forgiven
For thou beath a faithful subject of my Kingdom
This wilderness will melt, and all the Earth
Will then be like a blossoming garden
It will be mine for evermore!..”
The Sun was rising in the East
Illuminating all the World,
And Agnes stood, like a saint
Full of hope, faith and Love

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The poem itself signifies faith, love and hope…in a truly wonderful manner!


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The Throne Of Lucifer

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