What is a jewel?
What do they truly represent?
We mostly see jewels as materialistic items,
something that glitters, something that showers money.
For me, a jewel is more than those things
but serves as a true example of loyalty

When a child utters their first word
that’s how it feels.
Jewels are hope, worth more than money
Jewels are hope, worth more than diamonds
Jewels are hope, fresh…
from freshwater lakes.

Jewels are hope and trust,
who were shining upon me
They are so pretty,
which makes them necessary.
But they have always have
been a treasure, for me

I try to think,
what’s their importance?
Women wear them for looks
But I wear them for memories.
I wear them to bring memories
which are every second of my life

This is a story,
my story…
called ‘Jewels’.

I once was rich
with lots of jewels.
As beautiful as a heart,
as clean as my trust.
and as lovely as my jewels.
I kept them in my heart.
Allowing no one to intrude.

I kept them locked,
buried underground.
And they ran far away.
Very far away.
I could hear their feet banging on the floor
as I thought about them,
every moment.

I kept them safe and sound,
but they still didn’t stay.
Never agreed to stay with me?
Is it because of the trust I gave to them?
Is it because I cared for them too much?
Is it because I was careless towards them?

Though, they will never be,
a part in my life ever again.
They thought they would silently leave
but their silence has caused a strike in my heart.
‘They betrayed me’
I think as my mind swirls as it is consumed by a typhoon.

They talked about trust,
yet they didn’t follow
their own rules
Did they expect me to follow?
Is that why they left me?
Did they want to see me cry?
Did they wanted to hear me weep?
Drip, Drop, Plop

When they ran away,
I was left, all alone.
Seeing only my loved ones, away.
I wanted to be forever, alone.

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