Shades Of Love

Shades Of Love short poem

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Feels like not to give you more pain;
As you already have a lot of pain.
Want to let you go;
With a feeling that you will be happy wherever you go.

Feels like to pressurize you a lot;
This will make you to come back.
Doing this I know I am being bad;
But I know we will be happy for this little bad.

Feels like to try till my last breathe;
As you will come back is my belief.
Which makes me think to do one more mistake;
I stop myself from doing this, as your image is at stake.

I am little frightened, at times;
Thinking that, we will be happy anytime?
We don’t intent to hurt each other more;
Unknowingly we are hurting each other more.

Feels very happy, as I was there with you;
I was one whom you choose to stand beside you.
Nobody in this world can say you are a coward;
As you thought about the happiness of your mom and dad rather than yours.

You are hurt today because of me;
Feels like to kill myself, as it was the reason me;
You left me in midway;
Don’t want to go the long way.

I know you might also have some or different feelings in you;
Some as stated above and some may be new.
Please feel free to share the feelings, as this will make you strong;
As you have to fight the battle which is going to be long.

Wish there were someone with you;
To make you laugh aloud and to gift you a smile.
I am sure I am no more the one who can make you happy for a while;
Wish I could go in someone’s soul and take care of you.

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Lakhan Mal

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I am a an MBA graduate working at Deloitte. I am a finance guy. However, poems have been my passion, this is what i fell. I can write a poem on any given emotion. I can write a poem on any given person.
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Feelings of helplessness and guilt plague the mind full of love….have written really beautifully!

ammu sachariah

you have expressed the guilty feeling very beautifully. I like it Lakhan.

monica mundada

nicely written!!! loved it!!

Laya Sarath

Aww….thats a lovely but sad one..hope your friend gets a companion soon…..


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