Poetry To Me

Poetry To Me short poem

Photo by QueenNeveen

Poetry evokes feelings,
Stimulates thoughtful expressions,
Evolving a strange emotion,
Of an image in mind.

It transforms everything,
With a new perspective,
A reflection of a photographic sight,
In significant verses.

Poetry is a pictorial,
Imagery of words,
Intensely used in rhythm,
A unique painting with words.

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6 Comments on "Poetry To Me"

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Nadeem Qazilbash

The sheer joy of that this understanding and play of words brings to the soul is unsurpassed.

Nadeem Qazilbash

The sheer joy of the nuanced understanding of human emotions and the simple acrobatic play of words that poetry brings to the soul is unsurpassed.

ammu sachariah

you are correct Geetha, poetry can give a new shape to our feelings, emotions and thoughts. good one.


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