The Countryside

The Countryside long poem

Photo by Alaskan Dude 

Along the roads of highway one
Shines the bright summer sun
With the sky as blue as the seas
And the land full of rich green trees
Birds flying through the air
Fruits and vegetables grow everywhere
In all directions you can see greenery
But the best thing here is the scenery

If you had been there you may have even cried
I can see why people who live here are filled with pride
The roads are so smooth and the roads are so wide
There seems to be nothing here you’d want to hide
Which fruit should I pick – it’s too hard to decide
It’s got so much to provide
This place is suitable for living to any mankind
Ahh, it’s been such a wonderful ride!

If you look carefully you’ll notice sheep lying around the field
And birds hiding behind the trees trying not to be revealed
Why do these creatures seem so scared of us?
Are we making too big of a fuss?
With the ocean clashing against the shore
And  humans wanting more and more
It’s not a surprise they ran away,
It’s like they are our prey

Maybe this isn’t all that perfect
It may be better if humans showed some respect
And rather than harm we should try to protect
You know we’re not always correct.
If humans disappeared from this place
Then, the animals would have much more space.
If we disturbed them a little less
They would live with peace and less stressed

But if people vanished
All the French, Chinese, Spanish
What would the animals do?
Would it turn into a wild zoo?
They will have to provide food on their own
How will they manage; it’s really unknown
Perhaps it’s best to let it be as it is
Who knows what will happen if we leave like this

I suppose once we weigh the ups and the downs
It’s best if man just stays around
For if we leave who will watch the view?
I doubt animals will regard it the same way too
And it’s not only that
Some animals need looking after at.
So long as we know what’s right and what’s wrong
I’m sure the animals and us will stay here for long

Poet’s Note –
This poem is about Highway One, in California, a famous scenic route set along on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

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