Silent Goodbyes

Silent Goodbyes long poem

Photo by Rennett Stowe 

The silences are loud,
They come out like ghosts;
Lost on their way.

The winds blow the leaves away,
And the Sun shines through,
But we sit there motionless;
With nothing left to say.

My eyes are stuck to the ground;
And yours are to the sky,
The space between us feels like;
A wall six feet high.

You talk of your day;
You talk of your errands done on time,
I smile hesitantly and think of;
How my day went by.

I do not tell you that;
My thoughts were lost in you,
I thought of summertime;
Our love, fresh as morning dew.

But now, we are sitting here;
Under this withering tree;
And you are telling me;
How great life is…

I have only silences to give;
And maybe you have your words as shields,
But when we see eye to eye;
I can hear two souls scream.

So I let myself an inch closer;
Hoping you would hear them too;
Hoping you would hold my hand to your heart and say;
“Baby, I hear you….”

You look up and my heart is filled with joy;
I think it’s almost time!
Now we will be just fine.
This six feet wall, we shall climb.

But you blink, and then you blink twice,
Your world of dreams flashes;
Like a bright light;
It dumbs your eyes and muffs your scream;
The wall between thickens with every beat.
From now on, you will never be,
You will never be able to hear us scream.

I gather my strength, I say, “I have to go. It’s time.”
“I have to go. It’s time”
And you just say;
You just say, “Alright”.

I gulp down my tears;
I don’t want you to see them,
I don’t want you to know that my heart is bleeding.

I get up.
I know it’s time to leave;
But, I walk slow,
Hoping that if I walk slow enough;
I’ll hear your call back,
But I cant be so slow;

I can’t be slow that I do not move at all.
I have to cross over to the other side;
After this there won’t be any turning back;
I stop.
I stop in the middle;
My buckling legs wants to run back to your arms;
and my trembling heart wants to cry onto your chest.

But then I blink.
I blink and your world of dreams flashes in front!
I do not see myself in that world;
After all, all I have to give is silence;
And you can’t hear any more.

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6 Comments on "Silent Goodbyes"

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A silent longing, an agonizing pain of love…so beautifully expressed!

asoke kumar mitra

very heart wrenching write. the form is new, perfect imagery ………………..I read again and again. deep sea of sorrow…………………………………goodbyes are always silent…………

Milton Robertson
Milton Robertson

Such a heart touching and lovely poem. Simply beautiful.

Raghavendran Ramachandra Rao

When thoughts are elsewhere, when mind is whirling in his own sphere, when unspoken words are not understood, when the eye cannot read the other one’s eye what it wants to say, mere physical nearness does not bring the hearts closer. And the result is ‘A silent Goodbye’. A poem filled with true feelings of a heart.


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