A Shameless Show

A Shameless Show short poem

Photo by Kevin M. Gill

Beyond all the beauty of our planet’s glow,
Exists this shameless ploy of a human show.
Is it too hard for us to see?
Or have we forgotten how to intellectually grow?

Some pray to their gods in a vicious search for mercy,
While others intrigue themselves in much controversy.
Yet when it is all said and done,
Our actions drag us down to the lowest of scurvy.

There are even those hungry enough they’ll kill for food,
If there is a god—I tell you they’ve been royally screwed.
And then, a percentage of those
With mansions and treasures of an enormous magnitude.

It seems all we have done,
Since the Earth’s begun,
Is to follow the words of madmen holding a gun.
But do the spoils of war even matter
When we are all living under the same sun?

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Such rightly-piercing words of the true world around us today…your poem is haunting and very very realistic!


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