Cruel Harvest

Cruel Harvest short poem

He picks, that’s what he does.
Picks his brain for rational thoughts.
Rips them apart, twists the bits and joins them back again, misshapen.
Holds them up to the light, interrogates them, tortures them and
Then drowns them in the darkest recesses.

He picks, that’s who he is.
Picks on perceived weakness.
Rips into them, tearing defences down and exposing vulnerability.
Holds them at fault, blames them, dismisses them and
Then loses them in bleakest memory.

He picks, that’s why he is.
Picks his moments of departure.
Rips them asunder, erasing the return route from his mind map.
Holds only broken friendships, empty, desolate and
Then discards them in ignorant condemnation.

He picks, that’s what he does.

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Editorial Board

Beautifully narrated, the curse of one who thinks over much, and is cursed to reap a Cruel Harvest ; Interesting verse @robjmann


Never a self judgment I get from this one it is always some one elses fault for his her life ails???


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