Keep It On!

Keep It On! short poem

Mesmeric as a golden fawn,
Running across a forest lush,
Evident as that bright sun,
Glowing then settling with a blush.
Delicate as a feather of a humming bird,
Calmly caressing before it flies,
Curvy as a narrow path of a locale,
Misleading at times with sweet lies!
Cautious at times as one growing lass,
Cajoling her reflection inconspicuously,
Complete and caring like a seraph,
Sitting at the right place effortlessly!
Burdened with a memory of a lesson,
Reminiscent of a love lost in conflict,
Affable,infectious,signals a new beginning,
Friendly and benevolent like a natural gift.
Wicked as a tease if from that corner,
Where the heart seeks some attention more,
Drenched in honey if from a beloved,
An appreciation, an applaud and affection galore
Always nestled as delight on a mother’s face,
S.M.I.L.E. it’s a freebie… its God’s grace!!

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Charu Gulati

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A quote to describe most of me : I am STRONG because I am WEAK I am BEAUTIFUL because I know my FLAWS I am a LOVER because I am a FIGHTER I am FEARLESS because I have been AFRAID I am WISE because I have been FOOLISH ....And..... I can LAUGH because I have known SADNESS !
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Editorial Board

@Charu_Gulati such an intriguing build up to what one wonders one “KEEP IT ON !” – A smile..Wonderful piece of writing, love the use of metaphors and the inspirational content of your verse..


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