The Way To Go

The Way To Go short poem

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when you feel fluky
when you feel yourself lucky
remember that you are under scrutiny
of some nearby inquity
that may be someone who is your
he may be your own not boor
You need to be careful
You need to be thoughtful
stay away from the evils around
otherwise you’ll get hell bound
in your moments of felicity
someone is ready to bring a calamity
but then what to do?
should we lose our virtue?
the only solution is to be good to all
so that even the evilness of villain gets small
make others lives furbish
so that even the whammy person gets skittish.

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Shubham goyal

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Doing something new is what i love to do. Poetry is one of them. Neither much interested in reading all the poems nor do i have much knowledge about literature. But i write what i think. My heart holds my pen, not my hands. Welcome to the random yet colorful world of shubham.
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Nadeem Qazilbash

In this world, not in today’s world, but in all times gone by and maybe in all times to come, that is the way to go..


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