Scarlet Swing

Scarlet Swing short poem

Photo by llimllib

A sweet child, an innocent creature
Or sheep skin hiding a terrible monster
Her true nature none knew
She was loved by too few
Crimson drops dotted the floor
Tracing her path out of the door
Barefoot in the grass, she zigged and zagged
Up to the swings into which she sagged
Higher she swung with every thrust
Erasing memories of broken trust
Wishing she could soar to the shining sky
Wishing she had wings to fly
A leap of faith is all it took
The swing broke from the hook
Forgotten were the countless meals
And the miles they rode on her wheels
The soft caresses on the beach sand
While stars sparkled above the land
The merry laughs, the cherry kisses
The hurtful words that never misses
The harsh voice, the bitter tears,
The fights that brought out her darkest fears
Fingers reaching out to the blue expanse
Her eyes closed in the deepest trance
Tangled in broken chains and dripping scarlet,
Her limp form hung above a lone violet

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Nadeem Qazilbash

Why is nature so senseless in hurting the innocent.


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