You Is You, What All I See!

You Is You, What All I See! ballad

Photo by Mitya Ku

Whenever I sit beside you,
I can’t stop losing myself,
I am all numb seeing you in front.
But when I leave you for home
I feel drugged in your absence.
you know what then?

You is you, what all I see
you is you, what all I feel
you is you, what all I dream

Wish I was given those charmed wishes,
and I would sit beside you again and again.
Then I could make you laugh,
and I could take you to movies,
I could also hang around with friends of yours.
But to be just beside you all what I want,
it’s tough to be away all from you
you know why?

because you is you, what all I see
you is you, what all I feel
you is you, what all I dream

On the workstation and on roads,
I see you smiling in your physical absence.
I see you calling and see you laughing!
and lost in you, I break my mugs.
O doodle-poddle my life laughs!
when will you be around beside my ducks!

all I wonder away from you
you is you, what all I see
you is you, what all I feel
you is you, what all I dream

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Editorial Board

@adeeba_zaidi, we thought we knew what love poems should be and how they should go. Love is like a malady, we knew not the virus that causes it, or the illness itself. So far, we could only deduce from not so standardized symptoms. A fondness of the love object is sure to be a sign of love, but so is hate. Being by the side of the loved one brings magic to you, but so is the absence, much more magic it brought. The affirmations of the heart, though, could not be
negated. You made use of repetitions, as though refrains of a song. You might want to revisit the format of a Vilanelle, or a Madrigal and to chose you would want to conform. Interesting poem.


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