I Am Legend

I am legend like will smith
Die hard like Bruce Willis
With a beautiful body like Anna Nicole smith
A warrior hardened like Mr and Mrs Smith
One of a kind in my mind like the matrix Smith
Sit back and relax, let me be your wordsmith
I have traveled all around the world
Had gains, felt pains and sometimes almost furled

I am legend like Rambo
I have only begun and love is my ammo
I carry poetry like a rifle
I carry words like a bible
My imagination is tall, as tall as the Eiffel
Even in this struggle for survival
I feel like we need revival
Just have to keep moving on in this life cycle
Waiting for the day, in a strange land we will make our arrival
As kings and queens, Idols

I am legend like James Bond
I need you to read my words and see beyond
We are all what love and hate spawned
I am me, myself and I’s mound
I am me, you and anybody who appreciates life’s mouth
I am one of a kind in a big pond
I am forever staying strong like a metallic bond
Life is in circles and it turns so remember it will always come around

I am legend like Jet Li
A hero born to be free
But I am told I forgot the keys
Somewhere at heavens gate
A golden coin found in the dirt for God’s sake
I hope we won’t be too late
For the angel’s date
Whatever you do or did, it awaits
So be careful what you create
Some things are impossible to control like a heart rate

I am legend like Wole Soyinka
Writings leaving people in awe
It makes people scratch like claws
I write presents from Santa Claus
Born to do it like Craig David
Designed to do it like a cat’s paw
Breathe in and breathe out and take a sip of this like a straw
I write in the raw
Because pain and misery is all I saw
Just like George Bernard Shaw
Life’s unwritten laws
Don’t fall into any flaws or broken floors

I am legend like Bob Marley
With love for everybody like dinosaur Barney
Basically I am complicated like Gnarl’s Barkley
I am like a baby who couldn’t wait to see the world, coming out prematurely
I will do anything to say I got it, sincerely
I am suffering from an advanced mind set, severely
I see people shining yearly
I stare and see myself there nearly
But when it’s my time, I will shine hourly
I have dreams and visions, clearly
I have plans and thoughts, carefully

I am legend like Nelson Mandela
A leader whose story will endure forever like Cinderella
Who showed us how to shade ourselves from hate and be covered with love like an umbrella
Where can I find the freedom seller
If you see him, tell him we need him, the black fellahs
Am I right fellas?
It is time for a prayer and a confession, I need a father
We are tired of our dreams being blown away by the wind of corruption like feathers

I am legend because I am Funkekeme Akposeye
I find inspiration from the blue sky and a black tie
Sometimes even in a girl’s eyes when I am high
Sometimes in the year’s drive by’s and good byes
Sometimes in nature’s and nations’ fall and rise
Limitations before me, I defy
They say stay under, how can I comply
You just can’t go for pleasures
We just can’t go for treasures
It will bring depression
And when you feel life’s pressures
We fight over little things like the lord of the rings’ ‘precious’
Life will become uncomfortable like you dressed in leathers
We can change the world, at one time, one letter
We can change the world, it’s high time, make it better
If you have ever existed
Breathed earth’s air and even tasted
Then we are all legends.

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Funkekeme Akposeye

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I am an easy going person who loves poetry and music,love making new friends and experiencing different cultures and I respect people's decisions and emotions as long as they respect mine am an african and i believe everything i can,i am yearning,learning and earning knowledge in search of peace and wisdom and when i write is when i feel alright.This poems and pages are dedicated to my family, friends, and anyone that appreciates life's joys. I hope these pages make you smile, reminisce, and perhaps shed a tear.
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