Faceless Angels

Faceless Angels short poem

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I never got to see you,
Say goodnight or hold your hand,
The tragedy of faceless angels,
Taken off to fates dark and cruel land.

I loved you from the moment,
You were created in the womb,
Little did I know,
That place would become your tomb.

I’ll never forget the doctors face,
As they looked at me with dread,
I knew then that you were gone,
I kissed your mummy on her head.

I stayed awake last night,
Thinking about what might have been,
My beautiful faceless angels,
The babies I’ve never seen.

I don’t believe in God,
Or his far off mystic land,
But I’d like to think if he was there,
You’d be protected by his hand.

My poor little faceless angels,
Never even got a start,
But there’ll always be a place for you,
Deep within my heart.

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John Summers

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I am a father of 6 children who has had a love of poetry for many years.It wasn't until my fire was rekindled by a fellow poet,good mate and a man who gave me lots of advice at the start,Darren Scanlon.In just over a year i have written 50 poems of all types and am hoping later this year (2015) to publish my first book.
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