A Slender Orator’s Spell

Chill breeze through the casements blows
towards the listeners drowsy
essay to muse perceptives profuse
in wide application to the cosmos
where the dazzling figures
sway from one space to another on water
that is devoid of meddling concepts.

Here we bubbling spirits
vanish from this unreal sphere
without leaving the trace
of our existence as beasts.

But a slender sharp feature speaks
sliding me into the shallow vacuum
of valley from where I strive
to soar high like vulture to silvery sky.

But, the dashing spirit in the husky voice
ushers to hiss the fresh words
of rushing passions pushes
me down to the earth
to internalize the glaring reality.

In reverence to his loyalty
in opening my inward mind
to the world of misery and mockery,
my words of appeasement
came out in my reverie.

At once, opened my real eyes
in dismay at his voice of thunder
showering rains melting
the clouds of confusion.

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Mothi Bai

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Ass. prof. of English, I have qualification in German language . I have been teaching German since 15 years, My working place is S VIVEKANANDA DEGREE COLLEGE ,NEHRU NAGAR PUTTUR (D. K.) 574203 KARANATAKA INDIA. I have learnt hindustani music also
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When words weave their magic, we become spell-bound…nicely woven poem!


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