Alone short poem

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Loneliness is a quirky companion.
Sometimes plunging you into cold depths,
where death and despair awaits
And in a single beat of the heart
Lifts you to the skies of delirious joy,
taking you for a spin among the stars.
Sometimes love’s tender touch,
Vicious hands at your throat, strangling,
Making you beg for air, sometimes.
Scorching heat of a midsummer day,
or the first cool winds of an autumn,
blowing off the black clouds of a sleepless night.
An octopus dragging you into a sea of black,
Or butterflies of all hues,flitting across your heart.
Lost and lone in a crowd, or holding
the universe in your palm.
Hating it when alone,
And longing for it in a crowd
We continue our love hate relation
I and my secret companion.

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so true!


Oppressed And Alone

Oppressed And Alone short poem

My boo boo what have we become, I’m so depressed an all alone. I’m desperate and somewhat oppressed, What’s a man to do when he’s distressed. Try to touch you but to no avail, All my efforts are quickly unrailed.


Alone short poem

There is no question. There is no need to teach me a lesson. No one likes me. This is why they leave me be. How do I know? I have neither friend nor foe. They sit in groups, And leave

Alone With Loneliness

Alone With Loneliness short poem

It’s been 4 am I can’t sleep I can’t be me without you I think of you, if you were here I think I’m happy but, I’m sad about the way I used to be I want changes in life


Alone short poem

When I find myself alone and restless.. My feelings come out to play like children taunting me. Loneliness , worry, sadness, anxiety .. I try to ignore them, i accept the emotions, try to work through them. I talk myself

Let Me Die Alone In Deep

Let Me Die Alone In Deep short poem

Let me die alone in deep, Perhaps, I may take a breath, Don’t see me with hate and hope, Perhaps, I may live. Since, thee don’t know my pains, So, have not a jot of rains, I have a lot