A Memory Of Her

A Memory Of Her short poem

Photo by porschelinn

It has been many long years
Since you’ve been gone,
And I’ve cried painful tears
Before every break of dawn.
I’ve lost all my cheers
And gained only fears.
From this feeling arrears.
I walked alongside pioneers;
Drowned my sorrow in beers;
And sailed with privateers.
Worked many careers,
However mostly as cashiers,
And paid the selfish profiteers.
Fought many frontiers
On all four hemispheres:
Yet brought no souvenirs.
But still,
A memory of you reappears
And pierces through me like spears.
My eyes drip wet of smears,
My heartache – never clears.

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A heartache, a deep pain…so wonderfully penned down..it directly reaches the readers’ hearts!


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