Concessions With The Unrequited

Concessions With The Unrequited short poem

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The visceral unease between genders
…beauty that evokes incomplete phrases,
erotic whispers and dream romances
sublimated by acknowledging muses.

Their distinct faces ripe with wry
condescension cruel–dismissive eyes
crystalline blue as the shallowest
reefs where wealthy tourists
lallygag like sea lions in the sun
bronzing themselves for reflections
caught in mirrors and pupils wide
with dope, desire and amyl nitrate…

The one who stole my love
elicits corrosive worry–
feelings of sickly inadequacy
when she laughs and loans her flesh
to the uninhibited hot nights
and indiscretions of lust.

Yet, I ponder her lascivious compromise:
appreciative of this vast carnal kingdom,
paradises made by prefabricated design
bodies enslaved to their addictions
and nowhere before me a patch of wild
to tend with sweat and earnest toil
or furrow deep with bulbous seeds,
fresh blossoms pure: red, green,
yellow, purple, gold all grown
into starlight sans vanity.

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i'm a 42 year old writer and have spent the last two decades sifting through books in a variety of libraries all across the southern United States while writing poems, stories and novels and am only now standing at that precipice where i'm willing to share my work with the world. my single greatest fear with regard to writing is that what i've penned would waste someone's precious time.
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