The Seeker

The Seeker short poem

Photo by electricnerve

Walking around, with an emptiness
that rends
our heart and soul.
In pursuit of possessions and achievements.

sporting a vast and deep hole,
which we strive to ignore.
Until it holds us by our throats,
we can avoid it no more.

Looking for meaning,
seeking thoughts, so sublime.
Presenting complicated theories,
which further confound and confuse our minds.

Is it adventure we seek
or is it the thirst to see the world?
Mourning our collective capability for wonder.
Which we lose as we grow old.

The simple pleasures of life.
What really are they?
What can make us all happy?
I wish! I could say.

Leave the past behind.
Pretend you are reborn each day.
Build a fresh perspective
and keep stress at bay.

Most of our troubles arise
when we unceasingly worry for the future.
Or when we just can’t let go
the agonies of our past ventures.

As we get entangled
in the labyrinth of our desires.
Blinded, through this maze we walk.
Yet again, silencing that inner voice.

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The power of the inner voice, so nicely expressed here…


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