Our Pyramid

Our Pyramid short poem

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I wonder how the pyramid was made
People were amazed because of its shape
It looks so perfect, I wanna see it
Oh! Pyramids of Egypt

Why so rich in history?
Its structure remains a mystery
What I can see is its beauty
So majestic and full of victory

I was reminded by our pyramid
A pyramid not built of bricks
A pyramid which is made up of love
A love that focuses on God

You and me at the bottom part
God, who’s at the center and above
We have our own journey
Surely, it won’t be easy

I know we’ll meet on the top
As long as our eyes are on God
As we look unto Him
Let’s trust Him to do His will

How exciting it is, having God in our lives
The God who showed the true meaning of love
You may ask what is pyramid to me
It’s you, God and me

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A lovely concept of a pyramid containing god’s love and people!


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