Time Between Space

Time Between Space short poem

If time stops for no one, not even for love
A straight line unbroken from morning to dusk
Then my life is hollow, there’s nothing spellbound
And seasons of living are well traveled ground

If life’s made of spaces instead of straight lines
With people and daybreaks that never align
Then all of the people are cast as bad shill
And all of my sunsets are nothing but frill

If life’s made of moments instead of one rhyme
With most recent memories the end of each line
Then my life’s many movements some tinseled with love
A bittersweet duet that’s never enough

Too many days echo as one
When I saw the future through yesterday’s sun
Veiled in a mist at the top of the hill
A blurry eyed vision I’d suffer until

All my today’s blend into one
While I’m living life with the eyes of the young
It’s your loving spirit that scatters my haze
And binds every moonlight with starry eyed gaze

Though our time between spaces is always too long
With edges and extremes all pulling headstrong
You’re worth the waiting and not even farewells
Can replace the gladness we share with ourselves

Though all of our moments may come to an end
Should love’s fervent gospel sadly fade to pretend
I will feel your smile for the rest of my life
And cherish the days I was most alive

Now the best of my memories are all shared with you
And time only matters when it stands still with you
I’ll take every moment that fate will allow
And pray for a life when all our moments are now

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3 Comments on "Time Between Space"

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Memories of love and togetherness..they follow us till the end of our breath! Felt nice reading this poem!

destiny kay helms

love it……….i may be young but it is understandable and inspiring………..you are definitely correct…love endures…..keep writing and good luck


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